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Your motor cycle image in HASSELBLAD planet V .
I am very curious how that PLANET V will develop .

Very much looking forward . Best regards Jürgen
Thanks Jurgen. I sure am getting a lot of milage out of that Harley ... maybe more than the owner ... LOL!

I have really appreciated your contributions here. Mazeltov on the great contribution to Planet V. Now how do you get those customised bodies???

I'm so busy processing a bunch of weddings that I didn't even go to the Hasselblad site to look at Planet V.

Not only did they use the Harley motorcycle shot, they also used other shots I did at a recent wedding with the CFV and 203FE ... and provided a link to my web site ... now that can't be all bad for business !!!


Lots of good stuff shown there ... bodes well for the V system ... Let's pray it ignites more interest and leads to the next CFV with a bigger sensor. It'd be there in a
New York nano second : -)

Well done! Thank you for sharing your best with us. While viewing Planet V it was somewhat special to see the photographs that you had shared with us.

As for the business aspects, I think you reached the pinnacle of photographic advertising. The kind of advertising you can't buy!

Well earned I might add!


Yes, Mark I would like to thank you too, for your contribution here, you are a real inspiration to us all.

A Dane Down Under
G'Day Marc:

Really nice job!

Now, can we please have a Planet V subscription magazine that actually fits in a bookcase (unlike Victor which requires a redesign of my library, and seems to be H intensive). Let's just call it FORUM Planet V and use the same 'old' layout and style. A service to the tens of thousands of non-pro 200/500 users.

I wish !

Tell 'em honorary Aussie citizenship if they can make it happen.

And I promise I will buy a NEW Hasselblad V product if Forum Planet V appears.

Congratulations! We all love having "our man" in the inner circle.


Congratulations to Q is also due: as the Hasselblad Historical website is also a recognized link.


Yes Gilbert

You are right . Greetings to Q.G.

I think , what we can also learn from this , is , that HASSELBLAD must have been watching this Forum very well .
Good for them and might even be better for us .
But let us not get carried away by this.

We, and many more Hasselbladians, discussing the products of Hasselblad AB in this and other forums, are all on Planet V.

And Planet V is (still only) a marketing tool, a c&aign, isn't it?

Though it may well grow into a "Service center", offering lots of interesting and usefull bits to us, users of the pre-H Hasselblad system. Let's wait and see.
I totally agree about it being a marketing exercise. Obviously they want us all to buy CFVs.

But my question still remains, where do you customize the bodies? I want the Zebra look!!
G'Day QG:

Are you suggesting ("let us not get carried away..") that we stifle our discussions because "...we...are all on Planet V". Do you mean ... they are watching.

Self-censor our comments? Surely not.

As Jurgen suggests, maybe Planet V has been conceived in part because of these forums. It is always easier to sell to the loyal customer base, than to find conquest sales.

Of course, we will wait. What else? But I see this forum, and others, as a very healthy dialogue between intelligent and somewhat patient end-users, worldwide, and a helpful one for those at the Hasselblad product design and marketing coal face.

Greetings (and congratulations BTW) !

Cheers, Colin

(PS I hope this doesn't mean you've gone over to the dark side. Kidding! )
"It's a marketing exercise" ... Duh.

What else would it be?

Hasselblad has been good enough to post my images and comments and I'm fine with it if it helps keep the stuff around a little longer. Doesn't hurt my business either.

Mutual benefit makes the world go around : -)

And I don't need to wait either. I live in the moment and am a happy guy right now.
Indeed. What else would it be.

Nothing wrong with being happy to have been selected to contribute to the c&aign. Especially not if it means free advertising for your own business too.
As long as we don't think it is up on a level with being selected by the Nobel Prize Committee.

You, Marc, and the other selected photographers may reap benefits immediately, yes.
The rest of us will have to wait and see what the Planet V thing brings for us.

It provides manuals, which is good. And links to other usefull places, like this very forum we are on now.
"We [...] are all on Planet V".

But i'm waiting to see vinyl-shrinkage-free templates posted on Planet V, so we can cut our own new 'skins' for all of our different models Hasselblads. With accompanying instructions about types of glue to use, etc.
Even in this short thread it has become apparant that we would like that.

With a little effort, i can think of a few other nice/fun/interesting bits that Planet V might offer too.

I like the suggestion of a revived Forum (no need to use "Planet V" in the title) a lot.
As far as the present two volumes allow us to judge, "Victor" is indeed an H-System magazine. And much too large.
G'day QG:

Exactly !

And let's make our call for a reborn 'Forum' gather pace.

After me, now. "We want Forum V" "When do we want it?". "Now."

I'll pledge a subscription at $15 an issue x 6 issues annually, plus P&H. (~$100 a year).

Should we start a thread for subscribers?


Make it an electronic (PDF format) publication and use electronic means (either download or email) for distribution. Excellent way of saving trees etc.

While doing so, it becomes a $0 subscription.

G'day, Wilko:

Thoughtful comment. But I hate reading my laptop in the bath.

And printing the .pdf file, binding, and putting with my Forum collection would be tedious.

How about printing on recycled paper. Even hemp. (Ahem).

We could then put it on the library shelf, or sell it at the street corner. (Joking. Hemp paper isn't a 'drug', right. Is it ..?)

Whatever ... after me ... "We want Forum V" "When do we want it?". "Now."

"As long as we don't think it is up on a level with being selected by the Nobel Prize Committee."

Oh, thanks for pointing that out QG. I was confused until I read that.

"With a little effort, i can think of a few other nice/fun/interesting bits that Planet V might offer too."

So, send them your ideas. Would love to finally read something "fun" from you ... : -)
Hi Colin,

I'm not sure, but maybe you can produce paper from 'weed'. We are good at that, growing "Nederweed" here in .NL ;-) Being a 100% non-smoker I cannot comment further on the "weed" angle.

You could get a MILSPEC laptop to read Forum while soaking in the tub but I doubt that would be a cost effective exercise.