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Hasselblad Flash Gun Bracket


New Member

I recently aquired a flash gun bracket for use with my 503cw, but didn't realise that it doesn't fit the base plate due to the positioning of the screw attachment. Is there a workaround?

There is no way you can fit a camera with the later bottom to an early Quick Coupling or flashbracket.
The adapter plate Hasselblad supplies is to fit early cameras to the later Quick Coupling.

Sell your flashgun bracket and look for the new model part n. 45169.
Be prepared for a more expensive bracket used 150-250 USD.
The later bracket is no longer listed in the pricelist so finding a used one is your only option.


I aquired a flashgun bracket 45020 and got the same problem .
Might be that yours is the same type . There is a workaround when you can use a file .
If you are interested let me know . Might be that you can post an image of the bracket ? ?

Regards Jurgen
Jürgen what solution are you thinking about?

Remember that the distance between release button and tripod screw bushing remains the same, no matter what you do to the bracket.
So if you, for instance, remove the front edge of the bracket's shoe to be able to move the camera further forward until the screw aligns with the camera's bush, the bracket's release 'finger' must be bent too.

You have got it . I removed the front edge of the shoe on the bracket , that allows me to move the camera further towards into the shoe , about 11mm , and you can align the screw . It has absolutely no effect to the handling of the camera . Ahhh i see what you mean , but the brackets release finger does not exist on my bracket any more , so there is no trouble at all .
Doron, Paul's right about the best version to use being the 45169. I have one which I use on a 501CM and 503CW. It is an excellent device with 2 cold shoes mounted on top and a very ergonomic grip. I use it with flash (D40) on the CW and as a grip with the CM camera.

You can pick them up relatively cheaply these days too if you are patient.
Thanks Simon. I was just trying to find a quick solution to the fact that my viewfinder has been languishing in a repair shop and need to use the flash. After buying the wrong bracket, I think I'll just sit it out until the PME45 is ready for action.