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Today a friend of mine reported , that his dealer told him , that HASSELBLAD is going to close down in the near future .
I know that this is a rumor , but every rumor has a bit of thruth .
I can hardly believe it , after the interview in BJP .

Is there anything out there telling me , that it is not true ? ? ?
I called Hasselblad as soon as I read your post, but it is after 5:00 P.M. in New Jersey, so I called the pro department at Samy's Camera and the person was positive that Hasselblad was not shutting down.

Let's hope your source was misinformed!


Hasselblad moved its sales and support operation from NJ to Washington (Imacon offices). For now, the service dept. is remaining in NJ.
Hi Jurgen, I think your friend needs to get a life
. Yes the only truth is the merging of Imacon and Hasselblad USA head offices for obvious reasons. But as others say sales (excluding inventory) and support remain unchanged.

There is a recent interview posted on Luminous Landscape's site with the USA President of Hasselblad that covers the USA changes and other interesting stuff - struck me as a very capable man.

Two key Luminous Landscape blokes each independently bought H2 digital kits and invited the President to do an interview to discuss Hasselblad's direction and ask the obvious questions that are so often the subjects of rumours.