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Hasselblad CFV Can you see the files of the CF card


New Member

I've just rented and tested a Hasselblad V96 back and it was great to be able to use digital on my hasselblad and work in a way I am accustomed to. I am thinking of the CFV back though because I'm not happy with the imagebank solution and all the wires.

One thing that really bugs me is that I cannot see the files on the imagebank without Flexcolor and therefore it is impossible to do a back up on the road without a laptop and your own software.

If I get the CFV will I be able to back up and copy the files in the same way as you can with any other camera? If not a phaseone P20 is a more useful and cheaper solution (and I like Capture One)


No. The RAW files aren't seen on my computer until they are run through Flexcolor to convert to DNGs or process in FC.

However, I believe you can plug in any portable hard drive and load to that ... or load to an Image Bank with the CF in the camera.

Call Hasselblad tech support to confirm that.

Thanks for the reply; I went to see the P20 back and I really like the design and solidity. I'm also used to and like Capture One software.

To clinch it all the P20 is 2/3 the price in the UK and seem much more interested in supporting the V System than Hasselblad itself is. I can eventually upgrade to a P25 which is where I would stop (unless a full size square ever comes out)