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Hartmut Schwarzbach


New Member
Hello everybody, my name's José and this is my first thread in this forum community . First of all I would like to wish a happy merry christmas to all

I don't know this is the correct forum section to post the subject I would like to discuss but, since I'm the owner of a 503 cw I did not find a better way to put it so please let me know if I was wrong!

Hartmut Schwarzbach is a german photographer and he won the third place UNICEF photos of the 2007 award. He utilized a Hasseblad 6x6 system to take these color pictures :

Apart from the artistic excellence and high sensitive vibrations of these photographs I was absolutely amazed about the superior image quality showed in the link I placed above. Do you know what camera/film combination did he used or the shots were taken with a digital back? It is possible to obtain scans from film with these incredible quality ?

Thank you very much,
These images were all shot on film using a Hasselblad ... so, yes, it is very possible to obtain scans with that kind of quality.
Welcome José,

Thanks for linking these pictures.
Contact Hartmut yourself to find out more about these pictures.
I am sure he will be delighted to give you information about his trip to the Philippines.

It strikes me most children have a rather sad look in their eyes.
I was there a few years ago and remember happy laughing children playing with toys they found or made themselves.

thanks for the link.

i find the images a bit exploitative and sadistic, manipulative.. maybe is the use of light and/or sometimes they seem too posed.. but i like them.. dunno what is the actual intention of them, i can read them as an analogy to corporate portraiture, where instead of CEO's we have this poor children "suffering"..