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H1 Zoom camera jam


New Member
I am still having an erratic fault with H1 and zoom lens. Always at the most critical moment the red triangle appears, I turn camera off remove battery pack and maybe camera will work or it wont with a lens problem error message. I might get thru 2 or three rolls happily then error occours again and again at which point I give up and use a reliable Nikon which so far never fails to take picture. hasselblad UK have had unit but cannot recreate problem. I am about to have a very expensive paperweight. Any suggestions should I expect this as normal !
You have what is worse then a broken camera - you have a camera that is periodically uriliable and that is a non acceptable situation for you as the owner of a very expensive piece of equipment. I suggest that you write CEO of Hasselblad in Sweden and put him into the situation and to him emphezise that it is not in the interrest of Hasselblad to have equipment out in the market that does not work probably as the market for MF is such a close race that only the best and the most reliable cameras will make it - suggest that they supply you with another cemera and let the develop department use your camera for a while - it may be a fault that could with time appear on other H1 cameras and Hasselblad could bennifit from that instead of having to recall 2000 cameras in a couple of years for free service- I do not know how the CEO will react to this but this is what I would do if a "local" distributer was trying to ignore my problems - and I would persist in a way they would wish that I had initially bourght a Contax :)
Were you shooting tethered? We had the same problem while shooting tethered but after I told the shooter to slow down and wait for the beep the problem stopped.
When it did happen we were able to just turn off the camera and restart it and continue shooting.