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H1 Firmware 81 vs 900 differences


I just obtained an H1 with firmware revision 819. Does anyone know if the current 9.0.0 rev makes significant changes? To get an update quickly, I will have to send the camera off as a service center is NOT locally available. If the updates are minor, I will wait until I travel to the Atlanta area in a few months.
Allow you to use the 120 macro, the CF lens adaptor (believe you need new firmware for this), improves flash measurement with digital backs, increases custom button placement choices.
Hasselblad service dept told me, that camera might lock up, if it is not updated. And mine did. They do have a very fast turn around. Also your Atlanta dealer will mail your camera to N.J, then it will be mailed back to the Dealer, who will ask you to come back to pick it. So if U mail it directly to Hassey Service Dept, then they will mail it back directly to you. Your only cost is your shipping to them, as they pay for return shipping.