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Fun with Phase One, Leaf, Sinar, Mamiya etc


Thought I would get a thread started for images from these other MFD cameras and backs. I also wanted to see if I could upload an image from my iPad (it works!). This photo was taken with a Phase One P25+ back on a Mamiya 645 AFD II camera, 80mm f2.8 lens.

Gary Benson



Leaf Aptus II 5 on a Mamiya 645 AFD II and 80mm f2.8 lens.

The P25+ And Aptus II 5 both have 22mp “fat pixel” CCD sensors. Despite using older MFD technology, they can produce excellent images at ISO 50-400. Since I prefer to shoot at low ISOs anyways, this is not a limitation for me.

I really like the colors produced by many MFD cameras/backs.




Hi Gary,

this is so cool! You bring here a lot food for thought for different systems and combinations. I do think that will help a lot of people who would love to start with digital MediumFormat, but hesitate because of the prices of new gear.

Image quuality looks very good!

I just checked the internet for more information about the Phase One. P20 and P25 were introduced in 2009. What is the difference of both to the P25+?

The P20 carries a list price of USD $16,990. The P25 costs $29,990. I saw them on the internet today for 1.700

Both have an advantage to other older MF-backs, because they are completely self-contained. Back, battery, memory card slot and screen are all in one. Attach it to a medium format camera and you’re shooting. So Hasselblad H1/2/3 users could use it, but also Mamiya AFD and other bodies.

Information about the Aptus is here:

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seem to be even cheaper. See also official PDF (see also the PDF as an attachment):

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But what about service? Do they brak easily? Are there common problems? And would you prefer them if you might get in a few weeks also a new Fuji GFX II or X1D II for less than €5.000.-?


  • Leaf_Aptus2_data_sheet_eng_A4_Apr_2012_WEB.pdf
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What I found on the net regarding differences P25 and P25+

The P25+ seems to offer a cleaner image and has a better shadow and highlight handling

P25 30sec
P25+ up to 1 hour (as per specs)
P25 full res iso 50-400 @ 800 half res
P35+ iso 50-800
P25 - Reflective LCD (better outdoors in daylight)
P25+ Backlight LCD ( better quality imo)
Live Preview Tethered
P25 - No
P25+ Yes
Dynamic Range
P25+ had improvements-Dynamic+
P25+ had improvements - Opticolor+

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It is really amazing how much entry level MFD backs like these cost when they were new and how much prices for used backs have fallen in just 8-10 years. Prices have fallen alot since Pentax released the 645D/645z and now with even more competition from the Fuji GFX50s and the Hasselbland X1D.

Since I rarely need very high megapixel digital cameras or backs for the kinds of images and prints I make, I'm glad to be able pick up these older backs to use with my legacy Mamiya 645 film/digital AFD II and the digital only Phase One 645DF. The earlier generation Mamiya/Phase 645 lenses (manual and auto-focus versions) can often be found at low prices (as with Pentax 645/67 lenses). Using these lenses gives me the option of producing good images, both film and digital, at an affordable price.

dirk said:
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This is very true. I would personally not buy a older digital back that had to be tethered to a computer, since I never shoot in a studio setting.

dirk said:
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I'm sure service would be expensive, but thankfully there are no moving parts in these digital backs (such as a shutter) and so there are very few things that can go wrong with them, at least that is what I have read from people who have used these backs professionally.

If I was only going to have one MFD camera and did not have a collection of legacy Mamiya and Pentax glass to use, then I would probably opt for a mirrorless MFD camera such as a GFX50 or X1D, but the cost of the new auto-focus lenses for the GFX and X1D can quickly add many more $$ to the initially attractive price of the camera itself. Of course, legacy glass can be adapted for use on the GFX and now even on the X1D. A friend recently borrowed my Hasselblad 180 CFE (V system) lens to try on his X1D. He was very impressed with the results, so some of the older lenses can even work well on the newest 50 megapixel sensors.



High Gary . Nice to see you here again .
I can't add images for the "FAT PIXEL" thread , as I traded in my CFV16 for a CFV39 .
But now I am working mostly with my CFV50 .
Regards . Jürgen .


That is a nice image!

I inserted it into the posting so that we can enjoy it more ;)

Look here in the guide about how to upload images in the forum:

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Let's keep the photos coming! :)


Phase One P25+, Mamiya DF, Mamiya AF 55mm f2.8 lens, processed to taste with Photoshop, ColorEfex and SilverEfex Pro.
CF045887 CIRI Fireweed Business Center CLREfex P2080.jpg
CF045887 CIRI Fireweed Business Center BW SEP2 Fur Rondy 2017 P2080.jpg


New Member
Today, I received the Mamiya MF 50/4 Shift lens I bought on Ebay.
This lens should allow for easy panoramic shooting with an equivalent field of view of a 28mm (35mm eq.). A feature I wanted to check immediately, since I don't plan to buy WA glass ...
So, the camera went on tripod, in front of a window (due to the bad weather) that looks over the garden. 3 shots were made, one shifted to the left, then lens turned around, shot shifted to the right, and finally a centered shot.
Imported in LR (as far as I know, C1 has no stitching functionality), stitched easily the 3 images, exported as .tiff and imported in C1 for final adjustements and jpg conversion ... all went fine ...
I also stitched only the left and right shifted images, only to come out with exactly the same final image ... so you don't need to shoot the centered picture ...
The final image was about 48Mpx.

This is how it looks ...