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Flashes for Hasselblad 501503 System


New Member
What would you recommend for a flash set up for a 501cm/503cw (I have both, and may be getting a SWC). I have heard good things about the Hasselblad D. But is seems a little limited. What about the Metz and Q systems? I have a Hasselblad L bracket.

Many prefer the Hasselblad D as it performs well. If you chose the Metz 54 MZ 3 you will be able to use it with other systems as well. If you research the Metz units you will discover what features the unit will perform with Hasselblad and others systems. Most of the features shown are not supported by Hasselblad cameras. With the 390 adapter you will have the option of TTL with your 503CW and PC sync with both cameras.


I would highly recommend the Metz 45CL. More powerful than the 54MZ3 I believe. I have had the 45CT for more years than I can remember and it has always performed flawlessly; now using it with my Contax 645 with no limitations. (ie.ttl,2nd curtain synch,variable ratio output. What else do you need? Oh yes, slave compatible for multiple light set ups.
Hi, I use Metz 45 CL-3 and 45 CL-4. These are reliable and have many auto aperture settings which is nice for fill in flash in daylight. For use with the SWC I add a Stofen Omnibounce attachment. As far as I know the Hasselblad flash does only work in TTL-mode. So it might not be usable with the 501 CM

the Metz website is very good. You can check all the features of the various Metz flashes if you use the module finder. The module finder will tell you what the flash and module combination can do with most of the current camera models. I chose the Metz 50 MZ-5 because it also supports all my Pentax MZ-S features.
When I did some researching myself (I'm a newbie to the Hassey world), I didn't get the D-40 since it didn't have manual mode. This I found very strange.
I use the Metz 45CL-4 too. It's a great unit. I power it with the Lumidyne Mini-Cycler 052C I believe it is.
I also use a Vivitar 283 if I want a hot shoe flash on the prism hot shoe.
I use the Metz with my 503CW because of the TTL capabilities. The Vivitar is only autoflash or manual.