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First impressions



The 201 is the entry level camera for the electronical 20x Hasselblad system. Introduced in 1994, it has not as many festures as the 205 or 203. Fastest shutter speed is 1/1000. It was repaced later on of the 202FA.

The 202FA has in comparison to the 205 no spot metering, the lower shutterspeed, no zone modus system, no bracketing and flash shutterspeed of only 1/90s.
A better way to go is a 503cw and a good handheld meter, minolta IV with the integrated spot meter. You will lack the over 500th of a second, but have a second back with slower film (or pull on 100 asa). You will cope with all situations.
I have a 203fe and find that the meter is good, it does lack the spot.
I have received one proposed of purchase for one F201. But I do not know it. Which are its qualities and its defects?

The 201F is a fine camera.

It has no built-in meter. So you need a hand held meter, or an (uncoupled) meter prism viewfinder.

The top speed is only 1/1000 sec., while all other (except the other "budget" 200-series camera 202 FA) 200-series cameras have a 1/2000 sec. top speed (reducing the top speed meant less time to adjust the thing, making production a bit cheaper).

It has a sensor and ISO-dial for TTL-flash control, takes the Winder F, has a non-vignetting mirror, can be used with all Hasselblad lenses, shuttered and shutterless.
Overall, an excellent camera.
Thanks for the answers!
But I'm doubtful.
A seller offers me a F201 (NEW) with lens and back for $ 3,500.00.
Is it a good camera? Is it better than the 501 CM?
Is it a good businnes ? I know that the F201 is not produced since 1998 so it’s just 7 years since the seller has it in his store.
What you suggest to me?
Hasselblad 202-FA is a pure V serie Hasselblad, capable of shooting amazing photos when associated for ex&le with a FE lens like FE 4.8/60-120mm.

For more info on my personal experience with this camera and different accessories like D-flash 40, handgrip, Proshade and polfilter have a look there :

Really nice site. Lotsa info. Digital category, is that going to be expanded to include Hasselblad & Leica Digital?
Concerning Digital photo, I actually use Canon EOS 10D body and I am amazed with it. Hasselblad digital would be interesting, but as for now, price of digital back are still too high (but getting lower and lower).
I will be interested in Leica Digital when new M-Digital back will be launched. When? this is the question...
A recent interview with Leica Camera's new CEO made reference to their plans for a digital Leica-M camera. It quoted him as saying that the development is well underway. However, unlike the Modul-R (back) developed for the R8/R9 35mm SLR cameras, the M version is a new camera as it is not possible to engineer an interchangable digital back for a variety of technical reasons. I recall that they expect this to be launched in 2006.

He added that the digital M will in all other respects be a true M camera in construction and functionality. What will be most interesting is if the sensor is full frame or not.
HI to everybody, I was just asking which kind of back this camera (201F)needs: are the normal a12-16-24 compatible with it? Shall I consider to use with its own backs?
Thanks for replying
Yes, all of the older film magazines are compatible with the 200 series, the 12, A-12, A-16, A-16S, A-24, 70mm and polaroids.
You can use the latest E-12, ECC-12 and most digital backs also.


> [Thank you Andrè, Very Kind to answer, But I guess the "E" means > something like..Electronics due to the "Electric bus -contacts" but How > these newer backs increase performances? Are they coupled with the EV of the camera light meter?]
Correct, E stands for electronic, a databus was added for the 202FA, 203FE and 205FCC.
You set the film speed manually and the databus transmit that information to the light meter on board.
The ECC ones, let you set N +/- to contrast control, for B&W shooters, this is fantastic.
However, they cost a small fortune I think, is it worth the investment?
Well, if your pockets are "deep", why not?



Just so this is absolutely clear: the 201 F does nothing (!) with the electronic features of the E(...) backs.
Apart from the electronic features, these backs are exactly the same as normal backs. And as far as the 201 F is concerned, they indeed are the same as normal backs.

So no, they do not increase performance, or anything. Just cost more, and have one or more dials you will not use.

You mentioned the 201's "own backs". There are no such things.
You can use any back ever made for Hasselblad cameras with a 201 F, except for the very earliest backs made for the 1600 F and 1000 F cameras way back in the late 1940s - early 1950s (but those are so rare that you need not worry about finding one of those
> [Andrè and Qnu, Thank you so much for your answer. But this means that > nothing else will scare me to buy an "F" Hasselblad by the next > opportunity, and the 201 is the most affordable, probably my wife won't be > so happy...but you know... Anyway without a meterd prism the F cameras > behaves just like a 500 C/M, so the ivestment will be really hard. Staring > at the window and watching where this "rush to digital" will take us...I > hope in few years these dreams will be more feasible. I do believe that > the BW fine printing will last the digital fever and in ten years we could > call "photography" only -what come out from your own hands-.