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First few images...


New Member
Well I'm new to shooting with a Hasselblad Digital H1 w/645H back...these are some of the first images of people that I have done...

A friend and her baby...

A photo-walk in Houston...

Please CC is always welcomed...again...I am learning they system...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:



I'd love to comment on your images, but the attachments only yield the almost-constant error message that the image cannot be found. Please resubmit and/or contact the system administrator to be sure your images are available for review. I started shooting Hasselblad in 1965, but my system was stolen--twice--and I've only recently gotten back into gear (pun intended). Hope to see your work online soon.


New Member
I do not know why the links are cut.... :confused:

It will not let me post links or pictures...fustrating...sorry...!!!


Hopefully the system administrator will someday appear and be available for conversations so we can get this ongoing and incredibly-frustrating problem resolved. Thanks for attempting to make your images visible. I won't give up.



there was a problem with the import script with some images when we switched the forum software last autumn. But we were not able to resolve it or to find out why a few images did not get importet and others had no problems at all. At the momet there is nothing we can do about it and the best solution would be if you upload the same image again.

Sorry for this inconvenience.