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Ebay light seal thoughts

just an update to everyone who needs to replace their light seals. I bought an ebay kit for $9.99 or so and just installed it. It seems to do the job, though I haven't run film through it yet. It wasn't 100% like the original hassie kit that was in my back, but it was of very good quality. The change-out was simple and easy. I am hoping that I solved my problem with my back and will give further updates as I shoot a few rolls soon... Since I am not connected with the ebay guy, I will not list his name, unless someone asks. I don't want to turn this board into a huge spamfest with adverts galore...
You can purchase a genuine Hasselblad light trap from Hasselblad in New Jersey. Their telephone number is (973) 227-7320. The part number for the light trap is 13067.

The other part that comes with the "kit" being sold on ebay is called the light trap shield, and only needs to be replaced if your light trap shield is damaged. The part number is 13508.

David S. Odess
yeah, my "kit" had a mylar piece and a foam piece. I thought the original mylar or plastic or whatever it was looked ok and I probably could've used it again. However, the foam was totally shot and needed replacing asap. the original also had some shiny metal-like film piece in there, but the new kit did not. It looks like I'll be fine without it though... So how much are the genuine hassie parts if I call them up? I have two more backs and they could probably use it too. Maybe I'll get the hassie stuff for them...
> I have used both the factory Hasselblad seals and the ebay seals. The > factory seals seem to be of a much higher quality, using almost a felt instead of > foam. I think the factory seals would most likely last longer, but if you > change them yearly as your told to do either appear to work fine.