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Dear Hasselbladinfo members,

we are happy to see, that our camera-community is so much in demand. We grew strongly over the last 12 months. Many of you got answers in the forum to their questions. Many of you have saved a lot of money by avoiding the wrong purchase after getting the advise of other members in this camera-community. And last but not least, many of you found other photo-enthusiasts with similar interests, which sometimes even led to friendship.

Because of the success of this community, our costs increased to maintain this community. We therefore decided to raise donations every end of the year.

With your donation, you can help us to reduce the costs of running this camera-community. The forum and the photo gallery continue to be free of charge. The donation itself and the amount you want to donate is up to you.

If you want to have more disk space in the photo gallery at the same time, bear in mind that you need to donate at least 25 Euro, depending on your desired user level (Bronze, Silver or Gold).

If you want to donate or subscribe, just click in the navigation bar of the forum on “subscribe/donate” or on the following link:

and follow the instructions.

We help you with this camera-community. It would be nice if all users – also the not very active readers – would help us by donating something to reduce our costs - at least once a year.

Thanks in advance

Your Hasselbladinfo Team