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DNG Flexcolor and Aperture


I use Aperture, but there is one thing that's driving me mad. Apple has a list of camera's which RAW formats are compatible with Aperture (
The CWD is not on here, however the Leica M8 is - it even says that Aperture works especially well with this camera. As far as I know, the M8 shoots DNG.

The problem is, if I try and export my images to DNG from Flexcolor, when I import them into aperture, is says "unsupported file format". What's the deal? Do I really have to use TIFF if I want to stay with aperture?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!}
Unfortunately, Aperture only supports the cameras on that list, regardless if it's RAW or DNG files. You can create a photoshop .psd file with the DNG file embedded as a smart object, and then import the .psd file into Aperture. But, this approach creates large files, and you still need to use ACR for the raw conversion.