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Digital Back's Rechargeable Battery

I'm told the H3DII has an internal rechargeable battery in the back...

I'm also told it gets recharged when the back is connected, via Firewire, to a computer.

If I never connect the back to the computer, will the grip battery charge the back's internal rechargeable battery?

Is there any other way to charge this internal battery?

Thanks in advance.

Derek Jecxz
I found the answer and perhaps responding to myself will help someone down the road:

For landscape shooters with an H3DII (I don't know if this applies to other H bodies) who do not travel with a Mac or PC in the trunk of their car, my dealer recommended purchasing a powered firewire hub -- plug the firewire into the H3DII's back and the hub into an outlet--no need for a computer.

This works and the back's internal battery charges.

Sounds like an obvious and simple answer, but for a while there Hasselblad had me thinking my H3DIIs internal battery needed to be charged via computer.

Derek Jecxz
A simpler solution would have been if the back's rechargeable battery had been automatically charged by.... the rechargeable battery in the camera grip! (thus avoiding the need to charge it through external means, be it a laptop or Firewire powered hub)