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Cost of Alignment


New Member
When I have a person sharply focused on the focus screen, the picture is focused about ten feet behind the subject.

How much should I expect to pay to have the alignment of the mirror, focus screen and film plane adjusted?

Also, sometimes pictures are overlapped on the film. Should I replace the film back?

Thank you,

This sounds like a camera that needs a full checkout. Even the camera body might be warped (I have seen that, and explained to me by a 30+ years Hasselblad repair veteran). Performing this operation needs various special alignment check tools. It also quite possible your mirror which sits on 3 little foam cushions is suffering from 'dead' foam. Replacing those cushions is a rather involved operation as I understood it. Once replaced things needs adjustment of course.

Filmback spacing can be adjusted. It might have worn gears, my A16 has just had one of its gears replaced because of this reason. Once the filmback is over for servicing it is common to also check it for alignment. For critical focusing the film 'rails' behind the 'number plate' need to adhere to strict tolerances. Performing this operation needs a special Hasselblad produced measurement tool. And a piece of wooden paintbrush handle.. (you guessed it... it is skillfully bent to be within tolerance).

Pricing.. I do not really have a clue. But cheap it is probably not, given that it is quite time consuming.


You do not write what distance you use to take the picture but 10 feet out is a lot under any circumstances.
Sounds like somebody changed the screen without setting it correctly.
It does not do a lot of harm to correct the screen setting yourself for the moment because it is way out.

Remove the focussing screen by loosening the four screws in the corner of the frame that holds the screen.
Remove the screen and the spring that pushes the screen up.
Remodel the spring that pushes op the screen so that it will push the
screen up some more.
Refit the spring, the screen, the frame and the little screws but do not tighten the screws.
Mount an 80 mm lens set the lens at infinity.
Aim the camera at an object that is a few hundred yards away.
Carefully adjust the four screws so that this object is in focus at the screen.

The correct procedure is to check the foam that is used to catch the mirror and replace this if necessary, align the mirror and set the focussingscreen after that.
Of course an older camera may need a good clean of the moving parts and lubrification.

For mirror alignment etc special tools are needed.
Check the site from David Odess for prices of a full service of the body.
David is a factory trained technician.
He has the expertise and the tools to do a good job.