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Clouds in picture but no sky photographed A12 magazin


New Member
I got my first pictures taken with my new (old 1988) Hassi 503CX and on three margins there are coulds on it. My idea is that the conjunction from my Hassi to the A12 magazin is not realy closeley. Could that problem be related to both parts or are there known problems with older magazins ?
Any help would be appreciated..
Thanks in advance
the chance is about 99% that the dark slide light seal of you magazine is worn. This is very common and easy to fix. Buy a new light seal from Hasselblad. I can send you a step by step manual how to change it. This is very easy and requires not more than 15 minutes when you do it the first time. Note that the light seals that you can buy via ebay are more expensive than directly at Hasselblad.

to rule out other causes for your problem it would be helpful if you describe the location of your "clouds" or make a scan of your slides/negatives.

thanks a lot for the quick response!
I also heard about that problem with the light seal.
But I never have seen pictures taken with a defect light seal. I'm wondering because I have that "clouds" at the left side, the right side and at the top, only the bottom is fine. For that reason I fear that it is maybe a bigger problem. In my association with a broken light seal the "clouds" are only at the left side (where the dark slide will be inserted) ?