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I received an E-MAIL from HASSELBLAD GERMANY yesterday with the newest information for a warrenty extension and a hot swap .

Here two ex&les :

A warrenty extension from 12 to 24 month costs 450 € .
A warrenty extension from 12 to 36 month costs 900 € and can be payed as 2 times 450 € .

A hot swap is a replacement of the defective unit within 24 hours (bring and pickup) and is valid till your repaired unit is returned to you (bring and pickup as well)


A hot swap for the CFV for 12 month is 380.- € , for 24 month is 760.- € and for 36 month it is 1140.- € .

H3D39 II :
A warrenty extension from 12 to 24 month costs 1855.- €
A warrenty extension from 12 to 36 month costs 3710.- €

A hot swap for the H3D39II for 12 month is 1350.- € , for 24 month is 2700.- € and for 36 month it is 4050.- € .

Do these services also exist in your country and what do they cost ? ? ?

Manufacturers are obliged by existing law (here in Europe at least) to repair defects that are not caused by (reasonable) use, i.e. are due to a flaw in the product.
There is no set period after which this responsibility expires. The 'norm' is how long one could reasonably expect a particular (type of) product would last, with normal use.

You do not need an (hellishly expensive) extended warranty for that.
You'd only be paying for what the law already grants you, free of charge.

'Explicit' warranties (i.e. presented as separate, purchasable items, you get for free in a limited form when you buy a product) however are so commonplace, that it will be hard to convince your dealer* to take his/her responsibility and replace or repair an item that broke before it could be expected to, and not due to you mistreating it.

However, the notion that shops selling extended warranties (not insurance, mind you) are in fact trying to pull one over on you has begun to dawn on consumers, and it may become easier to get what you already are entitled to, without having to take things to court.

Now i will certainly not say that this is an attempt at fraude.
But do know your rights!

* He/she is the one you bought your item from, not the manufacturer. So if anyone, it's the dealer who should be selling warranties.

How a dealer deals with the manufacturer when you bring him a defective item, and what conditions they might agree on (apart from what each is bound to by law, of course), is up to them. The risk of being in the retail business.
Not a concern of yours.

So you have every right to demand a replacement product, from the dealer, if a repair can not be effected within reasonable time. A dealer cannot hide behind conditions the manufacturer would have imposed, because that (quite literally) is none of your business.
A hot swap for the H3D39II for 12 month is 1350.- � , for 24 month is 2700.- � and for 36 month it is 4050.>

That is nearly 5743.00 USD that will buy nearly 1100 rolls or E120VS. Id be set for a long time.

If it cost 10% here that is just the cost of doing business!


Yeah... I would go for the 1100 rolls of Ektachrome as well ;-)

Even if I have to scan them (shiver..) after the fact. I'm still not done with my 35 rolls of US shots.

Wilko, a mere $20,000. will get you a 949 and batch feed attachment to do rolls, high resolution, a super-sonic speed while you drink beer on your patio ... if you can still afford a beer ... or a house with a patio : -)

I just got a notification that my warranty for the 949 was expiring ... a regular 1 year extended "depot" warranty (NO hot swap) is only $2,000. Hot swap is $3,000. As Mad Magazine says ... "cheap at twice the price".

I did buy an extended warranty on my CFV for less than a grand. Jurgen was their best salesman for that. In fact, I suspect Jurgen is an agent for Hasselblad and doesn't even own a CFV. He reports problem after problem and people buy overpriced extended warranties out of fear.

These ridiculous warranty costs really, really, really, really support my claim that if you don't need this stuff for business stick with film .

Hasselblad (Germany, as well as the Mother Firm in Denmark and Sweden), and your dealer are in the EU, aren't they?
I looked it up, and in the EU, the minimum (!) period a factory warranty may last is 2 (!) years.

So still apart from the fact that law also says that a product is supposed to last as long as it can reasonably be expected to last, and that it is the dealer who has to answer to you, not the manufacturer, i.e. Hasselblad, when it doesn't, the 12 to 24 months "extension" is in blatant disregard of the law.

Hasselblad, the manufacturer, asking € 450, and even € 1850, for something you already have, and the dealer is responsible for, is - quite frankly - worse than ridiculous.

I guess København has found a new "business model".
Where has the Hasselblad spirit gone...
Yikes !

Really instills a deep sense of faith in products who's 1 year warranty cost more than a good old V body.
G'Day All:

Just wanted to report in.

Bored. No warranty to buy.

Made quite a few images on last Sunday morning. Developed by noon. Dried during extended lunch. Scanned at 3. Printed at 4.

Did I mention, the 503 just purred along, as usual. And my 1967 Seiko self-winding diver's watch showed me the date and time. I knew it was Sunday because the church bells were ringing.


Cheers, Colin

PS: Well said, Marc: "...really support my claim that if you don't need this stuff for business stick with film..."

The Hasselblad spirit appears to have been replaced by spreadsheet management.

It would indeed be very interesting to explain the whole concept of EU warranty rules to them. I do however think it only applies to private customers, not in a business-2-business situations. CFV probably is sold more in the b2b world than to private people.

The same goes for extended responsability after the warranty has expired.
That is part of consumer protection in the EU and does not apply to
products for professional use.
What happens when a "consumer" buys an H3D camera is a nice case for
a lawyer.
It seems to me Hasselblad is correct when it offers extended warranty
at a cost for professional use of its products.

The 1 year extension (12-24 Months) for a 503CWD is $2000 in the U.S. The 2 years extension is $4000 (12-36 Months). A little bit steep in my opinion.

Wilko, I believe you're right about the spreadsheet managment. IMHO, the old Hasselblad spirit from the Swedish run company disappeared when the leadership was transfered to the Danish office.
Wilko wrote

> I do however think it applies to private customers only <

NO . There is no distinction between professionals and amateurs .

If a dealer does a hot swap (even with a none HASSELBLAD back) to one of his "good" customers , then it is up to him to do so , but that has got nothing to do with HASSELBLAD's hot swap contracts .

My dealer offered me a LEAF APTUS 22 the next time my CFV should fail .

Regards Jürgen
Looking at the figures for extended warranty and hot swap contracts
gives me the impression Hasselblad anticipates a considerable amount of problems with their products.
Or are they just greedy and speculate on the fear of customers for breakdowns at high cost?

Either way this is not an encouragement to buy Hasselblad.

Now your dealer is being more responsive to you Jurgen. He should have offered that loaner the second time you had a problem.

If these dealers make the decision to sell a line of MF backs, they should be the ones dealing with issues. They will have more of a collective impact on the company than an individual.

I think the whole thing is reflection of downsizing and concentrating on B2B. However, I also think the CFV should have been exempt from that mentality. The CFV was clearly aimed at advanced amateurs who wanted to maintain their V gear and the joy it brings them. It should have come with a 3 year warranty standard, and any authorized dealer selling it should have stepped up to handling any issues for their customers.

Historically, Phase backs typically have been more expensive, but I think that's because they built a longer warranty into the price.

Curiously, my brand new Aptus 75s is "out of warranty" ... which was based on when I originally purchased a Leaf back and went through two upgrades. So I sent a perfectly good Aptus 75 that I knew worked flawlessly in exchange for a new 75s that is an unknown. I am trying to get my dealer to do something about that and get me at least a 1 year on it.
Paul, I think it is a reflection of that B2B mentality. Studios and rental houses really put this gear through the wringer, and are more vocal when the stuff causes problems.

We may be deeply disappointed when we lose images as happened with Jurgen. But if this gear fails a studio, a major location re-shoot can easily cost $100,000. and is a major hit to the studio's reputation.

It's not like the old days when shooting film and you had 3 bodies with you and 10 film backs. Few independent photographers can afford multiple digital backs at $32,000. a crack.
At least not $32,000. for a back-up just in case.

So, the Hot Swap pricing is aimed at them more than us.
I agree with Paul K. It is giving me the jitters.
especially as Sinar are including a 5 year warranty if you purchase it's bundle.
That is confidence in your product.