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Carl Zeiss send new part in response to sync plastic cover disintigration

Hi there,

Though this may come under a previous heading posted it was felt important to note with a new thread as it may go unoticed by many. After sending off an email, 3 days ago, via the Carl Zeiss website about the disintigration of the sync chord cover on a virtually unused 50mm CFi lens, Carl Zeiss has kindly sent a new part, without fee, via Hasselblad UK.

It came first thing this morning, taking three days, unexpected but delighted to see the response from the company.

Thanks it is much appreciated!
Good news Carl and very wise to post it under a new thread - when we are quick to criticise we should be equally quick to praise.

Like Wilko said it was the right response we expect from a quality company.

Good for you Carl Zeiss supplied a replacement part for your lens free of charge.
It leads me to believe they are not very happy with the number of complaints about this item.

Users of CZ lenses are spoilt rotten because even after many years of professional use they still perform well and are very reliable.
I did like the older lenses with all metal constuction even the focusing was made of metal with cut out grip. An oversight of such a well known and quality lens manufacturer to use poor quality materials. It is noted that Carl Zeiss have not felt it necessary to use a sync spring clip on their new lenses 'V' range of lenses that are chrome, they must realise it was a design error and also not really needed.
"Users of CZ lenses are spoilt rotten because even after many years of professional use they still perform well and are very reliable."

Unless they fall apart like two of mine did : -)

Any idea of the "mileage" of those lenses that fell apart?

The use of plastics in CF and later lenses did not increase their lifespan compared to the all metal ones.
The CF and their succesors were less prone to shutter problems though.

Carl Zeiss is still testing to see if they should produce the new lenses due to supply and demand, there is no definate release date as they are seeing if there is a demand for them.
To note that there only seems to be a handful of regular contributors to this forum over the past few months are there only us that are using Hasselblads? ;-]

ZEISS distributes their ZF and ZM lenses via their own ONLINE SHOP .
The ZV lenses will shurely be sold , using the same "channel" .
Up to now , I have not seen anything about the new ZV lenses in their online-shop yet . I am already wondering , if the "new" ZV lenses will be produced at all . The design and the tools must be there , because these lenses are nothing really new on the market .
So it could be very well true , what you assume , that they are waiting to see if there is a big enough demand .
The DISTAGON 50mm would get a very warm welcome in my house .
Good question Carl. I have often wondered the same thing. However, like most things in life, quality rules over quantity.

I must add that although I am also a member of's forums (which I do often enjoy), the depth of knowledge, accuracy of responses and genuinely friendly natures found here prove that quantity is rarely an adequate substitute for quality.

The regular posters here treat each other with great friendship and respect, which on a personal level, has given me much pleasure. And, finally, my learning here has been the very best I have experienced during the many years I have been an MF shooter.

Keep enjoying your Hasselblad!
As an infrequent poster, I hope that the regulars realize that their contributions are greatly appreciated by those of us who are less experienced/knowledgeable.