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Body blocked by a newbie


New Member
Hello everybody
I'm a newbie with Hasselblad but shot with 35 mm cameras (and 4x5) for more than 30 years.
I've already appreciated this forum by reading very good advice. I tried to solve my problem by myself but I don't want to break something in my "new" 500C/M
In fact the lens is on the body, the shutter is open (white dot on the side of the camera ), the mirror is down (I can look through the finder and focus but it's not easy to look inside the body when the back is removed). Everything is blocked : I can not release the shutter or remove the lens. I would like to know if I can follow or am I in another situation ?(the mirror is down in my camera but seems to be up on the pics by Dominique Cesari). He also says to strengthen gently the srewdriver. Does it mean I must be very "soft" with the tool?
Last question : how does it happen? I took pics yesterday - everything was fine. I didn't remove the lens (only change the screen) before cocking the shutter ... but nothing is working now. As I'm a curious guy I would like to understand.

TIA for your help

You can follow the steps on the website link that you wrote to try to unjam your camera, even though the mirror is in the down position. Please be very careful not to let the screwdriver slip off the screw, as it can easily hit the rear element on the lens. It is okay to use a certain amount of force to turn the screwdriver or the tool, but if you sense that the screw won't turn at all, or will only turn to a certain point and then stop, please don't force it. If this is the case, you will need to have the camera looked at by a qualified Hasselblad technician.

David Odess
Ummmm, the darkslide isn't in place is it? I find this is the case every third time I try to use my 503cw and the shutter is locked. The wife says the root cause is "Old Timer's Disease"

Thank you very much for your quick answer. I've followed your advice but unfortunately the camera is still blocked.

Nevertheless thanks again for your help - this forum is a tribute to the net - hope to send better news next time.

Best regards