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Bay 60 adapter and lens hood


New Member
Hi there,

I'm just about to receive my new 503cx in the mail, and I'm trying to get my accessories sorted out in the meantime. I gather that the CF 80mm has a bayonet filter fitting rather than the normal screw mount, and I have found some adapters available on eBay. Some are Bay 60 > 62mm, and some are Bay 60 > 67mm.

I was thinking that the 67mm would be more sensible to get, as in my experience it's a more common filter size, but it struck me that if I do that then lens hood may not fit. In fact, even the 62mm might obstruct it...

Can anyone tell me if this is the case? Can I use normal screw-in filters and the lens hood at the same time?

Get the Bay 60 to 67 mm adapter. In fact the diameter of bay 60 and 67 mm screw-in filters is the same. The Bay 60 lens shade will fit(at least mine does). Nevertheless I would recommend the use of Bay 60 filters which is far more cnvenient. I have the adapter only for use of very exotic filters.

Thanks Ulrich. I take your point about the convenience of using the correct filters in the first place. I only ask because if I can use screw-in ones, I can share filters between my DLSR and Hasselblad, which will save me a considerable amount of money.

So if I read your post correctly, a Bay 60 > 67mm filter can be used at the same time as the lens shade. Is that right?

Thanks for your help,