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Anyone know what the rubber hasselblad caps are for



What are these for?
The round ones are plugs to seal the 'peep-hole' on the non-automatic Hasselblad magazines when they are used with 220 film (which, contrary to 120 film has no paper backing).
Hence the "220" on there.

The long one looks like the cap to go on the PC-contact and TTL-contact on 200-series bodies.
On second thought (no, you can still send them to me
), the 200-series bodies came with one or two separate caps, didn't they?
Can you show us the rear of that long one too?
The plug is hollow and has a slot on the side

Is there any chance it is for a prism?

Send me your address, I will mail them to you..
It has been puzzling me what thie long one is for, and you know what?
It still is puzzling me.

Hollow, with a slit, sounds like some sort of socket cap.
For a prism? Could be. But to do what? And what prism? I don't know.
But now i won't get this out of my head...
I think it is the plastic end cap that fits into the outside end of the main frame of the first version of the flashgun bracket / grip (45020)? Didn't want you to spend too much more time wondering about this!
And so it is!

Thanks, Rick!

Maybe an idea for a new Hasselblad book (or perhaps just one chapter in an all-encompassing Hasselblad tome): pieces-that-may-come-off-other-pieces-and-have-their-origin-forgotten.

Looks like such a book may also include a chapter titled "the final days", doesn't it?