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Any Difference Between 135mm S-Planar and 135mm Makro-Planar


New Member

This is my first post. I am an amateur photographer and a Hasselblad lover.

I would like to know whether there is any difference between 135mm S-Planar and 135mm Makro-Planar.
There is no S-PLANAR 135mm .
The MACRO-PLANAR 5,6/135mm exists in two versions .
A C-TYPE version and an CF-TYPE version .
This lens can only be used with the extension bellows/tubes or with the variable extension tube .

I am sorry Jürgen there was a 135 mm S-Planar.
What is more the 135 mm S-Planar was a different lens compared with the later 135 mm Makro-Planar.

MTF curves show significant differences similar to those found between the 120 mm S-Planar and the later 135 mm Makro-Planar.
Due to a non cooperative scanner I could not scan the MTF curves but the differences are quite obvious.

The later 135 mm Makro-Planar is like the 120 Makro-Planar more suitable for objects at larger distance.
The price paid for this is less optimum but still good performance for the purpose these lenses were meant for in the first place:
objects at close range.
Both S-Planars can not be beaten at that game.

Take into account for how little money a decent 120 S-Planar can be found, the 135 S-Planar is more expensive,
and you know how lucky I am with another 120 S-Planar in perfect condition for just 350 USD.

These are not just collectors items, these lenses are used daily for product photography.

s-planar 1.jpg s-planar 2.jpg

To accomodate French speaking readers I used a French copy of a Hasselblad sales brochure.
In fact I could not find the English one fast enough.


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Sorry Paul

There is a discrepancy between RICK NORDIN's Compendium and the lens I have .
Might be , that it is worth to investigate this further .

Have a look here .

View attachment 1391

As far as I can see , it reads MAKRO-PLANAR .
Or am I blind due to the CFV-39 excitement ? ? ?


Nothing wrong with your eyesight.
Maybe you remember long time ago there were C type lenses.
Both S-Planars, the 120 and the 135 were C lenses.
You have outgrown the old stuff since so long that you probably do not remember.

Your 135 mm is from the CF series and is rightly called Makro-Planar because it is not the same lens as a 135 mm S-Planar lens.

Bild 005.jpg Bild 007.jpg

135 mm Makro-Planar from the CF series

Bild 739.jpg

135 mm S-Planar from the C series

With the change to CF series the optical formula for both the 120 and the 135 lenses changed.

The 120 S-Planar is my right hand for taking pictures of photo equipment and to do copy jobs.
As good as zero distortion, extremely good colours and contrast.
I have three of those lenses just to make sure I will not have to do without a 120 S-Planar!

I would not even think about "upgrading" to CF lenses in this case.


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5,6/135 makro-planar


Ok. Thanks for your details .
My CF 5,6/135 MAKRO-PLANAR has the number 6675159 and was built in 1983 .
Looking at the RICK NORDIN compendium , page 148 bottom right image , it should then read 135mm f5,6 CF MAKRO-PLANAR .
Or were the first CF lenses still S-PLANAR , but in the new barrel ? ? ?

Hello Jürgen,

Unless the first CF versions of the 135 mm lens were actually called S-Planar, which I doubt very much, you have found the first mistake in Rick Nordin's Compendium.

I have never seen a 135 mm CF lens that was marked S-Planar.
A pity the lettering on the front of the lens in the Compendium can not be read.

As soon as I have the opportunity I will look at the documentation I have on lenses to find out more.
As it stands I will put my money on a mistake made by Rick Nordin.
It proves he is human after all.

Dear Paul and Jürgen,

Many thanks for the information and an interesting discussion. It so happens that I have the 120mm CFE and 135mm CF but I still have not got the best performance Hasselblad macro lens. I am determined to get a 120mm S-Planar.


I am determined to get a 120mm S-Planar.
Paul sold me...I ordered one yesterday. (Also Nordin mentions in the description of this lens, that most of the illustrations in his book were shot using the 120mm S-Planar.)

Hey guys, don't forget -
The 120 lens in either version only focuses down to 1:4 or 1:4.5, can't remember. BUT!...the 135 with bellows goes all the way down to 1:1. Depends how close you plan to shoot.
But, in either case, if best-quality close focusing is your goal, the older S-version on either the 120 or 135 is as good as it gets.

For what it's worth, same goes for the Nikon micro lenses - the early 1970's era non-floating element 55/3.5 and 105/4 were the finest micro lenses that Nikon ever built.

Michael H. Cothran