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Adverts actually in posts!


New Member
Is it something I did or did an advert for Ebay insert itself in my post about the cost of Hasselblad equipment on Ebay?

I don't post much but is this normal to have ones posts invaded by ads? does it relate to the post so if I post about having a sore bum will it generate Anusol cream ads?

This could be fun!


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There are different locations for ads within the forum. Google is responsible for the ads.

If you are logged in, you see less ads, If you are a patron of, you do not see any ads.

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I know ads are not nice. I do not like them neither. But somehow we have to finance all this here. :z04_yes:

You can use everything here for free. But who is paying the bills? So it would make sense if you either support us by allowing ads or by becoming a Patron of MFF. :z04_bier01:


New Member
Hi Dirk,

I ain't complainin' about the ads, we obv need the dollar to help keep the site rite!
I was just a little surprised it was right in the middle of a post.
Did the discussion about the cost of cameras on EBay trigger an ad for EBay?
If so could we try some more trigger words to generate more ads, income, and maybe a laugh or two?

Love the site. keep up the good work, Steve.