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Adobe Camera RAW - Jpeg conversion problem.


New Member
First off, I know people are thinking why ACR? But, let's ignore that for the moment.

I'm using PC, tons of RAM and HD.

My problem is this.......

I cannot convert H3D files in Bridge/ACR to Jpeg. As soon as I start the conversion, a window appears saying "There was not enough memory." and displaying a list of the files I am trying to convert.

I can convert any number of Hassie files to TIFF and DNG. And I can convert any number of, for example, Canon files to any format, including Jpeg.

But, ACR doesn't like being asked to convert Hassie to Jpeg.

I have tried purging the Cache for this folder in Bridge, but no joy. Also, ACR's settings are set to 8bit output for the Jpegs.

Any ideas?