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A trivia question shutter release response time


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Leica M cameras are famous for, among other things, a remarkably fast shutter release button response time.

If I recall correctly, the Leica-M's response time is measured in milliseconds (1000ths of a second).

The shutter release response time of a typical 35mm SLR is measured in 100ths of a second; and, I think typical DSLR response times are 10ths of a second. While my recall may be inaccurate, I am sure the relativities are quite accurate.

Has anyone got any idea of what the response time is for a V series Hasselblad?
About 70-75 ms from the time you press the release button until the shutter starts to open.
The focal-plane shutter models are slightly faster: about 60 ms.
The more interesting question is how much delay your nervous system introduces ;-) Depends highly on your intake of C2H5OH the evening before :p

Older P&S digicams were notorious for their shutterlag. Modern DSLR have (in my limited experience with them) reduced this to become comparable to 35mm SLR cameras.

Hassy's I assume are slower given all the moving bits and pieces, most notably the auxiliar shutter in the 500 series. My guess is a 200 series is a bit faster.

Thanks guys.

But, I am intrigued as to why the 200 series cameras are a little faster? Remembering as QG says, the time is from pressing the release to COMMENCING to open the shutter.

So, QG, why does a 200 camera take a shorter time to commence opening the shutter - my guess would have been that all mechanical V series cameras had much the same response time. Is the release mechanism different between the 2 camera types?

The 200 series have electronically controlled focal plane shutters. Also, if you lock the mirror up the release would be quicker.


The reason why 200- and 2000-series cameras should be able to have a shorter shutter delay is that there is one step les in the release cycle. In 500-series cameras the auxiliary shutter has to open before the lens shutter is released. This is not happening if you use the focal plane shutter.

Thanks Gilbert and Ulrik. Now I understand. Gee it is bloody fast whichever body! Electronics don't quite have a mortgage on everything!