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A newbie Question


New Member
Hi all! My name is Jason. I m from Malaysia. I have just received my 500 CM yesterday. It is my first Hassey. I loaded a roll of film onto the back. Now, this is the part which left me confused. I was Told that it is not necessary to set the ISO/ASA of the film. I find it odd as I had to do that everytime I load a new roll of film with diff ASA reading into FM2n. Can someone explain to me the mechanism of the Hassey? Why it is not required to set the ASA? Thanks!~
When you set the ASA on your Nikon, you are indicating to the meter built-in to the camera, how sensitive the film is. The meter can then help you to set the exposure. Your 500 CM does not have a built-in meter. If you are using an external, hand-held meter, or a metered prism on the 500 CM, you would set the film speed on them.