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503CW ISO Settings


New Member
This is almost a no-brainer but I wanted to ask experienced photographers before assuming and finding out I did something wrong.

I have some film I plan on using on my trip next week; it's ISO 160. I have a Hasselblad 503CX (not sure if that matters) and if you are familiar with Hasselblad there's a little dial that turns and it goes from 16 - 1000 but not all the numbers are listed. You have # dot # dot # etc. Until 100 then it's dot dot # dot dot #. Now, since this is ISO160... which dot should I use after 100? I would assume the later (right before 200) but like I said I don't want to misunderstand something and set the wrong ISO, so I thought it would be best to ask here.

I did check my manual to see if they explained it, but they really didn't so... Again, that's why I'm asking here for reassurance.

Thank you for any help!

Unless you are using a flash, it does nothing as far as I can tell. I am not sure about the CX with the flash. The CW uses the ISO dial for TTL flash adjustment.
Hi Robert,

160 is the dot just before the 200. But.. you are refering to the dial on the side of the camera? That one is only for TTL flash use, not for non-flash photography. Suitably equipped flash units connect a cable to the side of the camera (round connector) which allows them to use the light sensor in the camera to control the flash. The ISO dial is used to communicate the film speed to the camera (or for fill-in flash, to control the amount of fill flash light).

hth, Wilko