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501 cm and the kiev 88 digital

so, I would assume that any digital back that works on the 501 c/m would also work on the kiev 88. They can share film backs, so how about digital? I have a nice kiev 300mm that i like a lot and would love to use digital. Now I just have to find a 6x6 full frame back...

Maybe not. Many digital backs have a sync cable connected to the flash sync port of the lens. That Kiev 300mm lens probably does not have a flash sync port as it has no shutter. This could explain why the 200 series is "retired" as the FE lenses, not having shutters, don't have sync ports. (Well, the main reason was low sales, but since Hasselblad/Imacon is making a serious push into digital capture, the evolutionary roadmap of the V-system meant that the 500 series and eventually due to finacial considerations just the 503CW is the basis for any further development.) So a main advantage of the 200's, the faster lenses, could not be used with many backs. All C, CF, CFi & CFE lenses have sync ports and shutters, and can sync at all shutter speeds.

The Kiev obviously has a flash synch connector too. It can be used in the same way as the one on C(...) lenses.
That same way involves signalling the back when the shutter is fully open. And that's the hing: with focal plane shutters, the shuter is only fully open at speeds up to the fastest flash synch speed.
With the 2000/200 series Hasselblads (and F/E lenses) that was 1/90 and slower, with the Kiev it is 1/30 (or thereabouts) and slower.

Another thing to watch for however is that some/many backs have protruding parts, possibly interfering with the focal plane shutter curtains, causing serious damage.
so, if the back uses the x sync, how can you hook up your pocket wizard to fire the strobe packs? Is there a y adaptor that comes with it?

So what does the 503cw have that makes it better for digital than the 501c/m? I know it has the ttl built in, but that shouldn't help a digi back, should it? Maybe I'll go to the hassie website and do some reading...

And if there is a way to turn my kiev 30mm into digital, that would be pretty cool. It's a nice little lens...

Maybe not necessarily better for digital, but if you are going to continue production of one body, it will be the most flexible one... as mentioned, TTL, capability of adding a winder (some backs for some reason require auto cocking-I haven't researched enough to find out why, or maybe they/it was only designed for the 553ELD, I forget).

As far as sync cables go, I would assume you either got a Y-plug or cable with the back, or there are 3rd party products to allow you to split the signal. A little Y-plug comes with the Macro Flash, so if you already have one of those...

Until there is a full frame back, quite a bit of the FOV of the 30mm lens (Hasselblad or Arsat) will be lost and you'll have a highly distorted 40 to 60mm lens depending on the chip's size. It may be cheaper to get a decent film scanner if you do not shoot too often, and you won't have to "crop" your wide-angle lenses in camera.

For Imacon 22MP back, the senser size is 49mm X 36.7mm, which makes it 88% or 1.13 Factor Of Magnification. Which amkes pretty close to Full Frame back.
Yeah, but who wants the 6x4.5 size?!? I want the square format!!! I already own a mamiya 645 and don't want another... Gimme full frame square NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!