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500 C Strap


New Member
Hello everyone !
I own an old 500C with grey lens. Does any1 know what the strap model is ? and maybe where to find it ?

Thanks for your help.

There are a number of straps available new and used. I would recommend KEH (at for used Hasselblad equipment, if you are nowhere near a local shop. I would assume any Hasselblad dealer would either have them in stock or be able to order them for you. I would not recommend an old used leather strap sight unseen, because if the leather hasn't been properly cared for, the strap can break. There are a number of different straps:

Carry strap (leather, 13 in.-short) 46140
Neck strap (leather, adjustable) 49018
Countored shoulder strap (leather, 3 piece, adjustable) 59099
Standard strap (nylon, adjustable, 1 in. wide) 59110
Wide strap (nylon, adjustable, 1 1/2 in. wide) 59080