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500 C/M und Phase One P25


New Member
Today arrived my used P25. The first impression is great. Crop is from 6 x 4.5 aprox. 1.1.

I'll show some pictures when the weather is better here in Austria.

Good start!

Welcome at hasselbladinfo forum!

A good start with a P25 DB.
Images are essential, how about some winter/snow pictures?

I know a few users that can not get enough of snow!

congrats! i would love to hear your impression as i think a p25 is the best and most affordable way to start into digital medium format. i don't have a digital back but if i were to get one i would go for the p25, to me sensor size is the most important part (within my cheap budget of course)

The snow has gone two days before the back arrived. I bought it in London, the prices are affordable there.

But pictures from my countryside will come.


Here a 100% crop: