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40mm CFE IF not focusing


New Member
I just purchased (by mail) a new looking lens, with less than 20 actuations on it, according to the owner. It looks beuatifuls, perfect. But the focusing ring does nothing but turn, impossible to focus.
Is this some stupidity on my part or is the lens in need of repair?

Thanks for any insight.
Does it turn more than 360° ?

Yes a lens should focus.
If not repair or return to seller.

How could you write less than 20 actuation for lense ? For a digital back I cann understand but for lens....
I took it in for a checkup.
The seller just sent a copy of a recent Hasselblad checkup, so there is somethi ng strange. t least it seems to be under warranty from the checkup.

As to the actuations: these things have shutters, as the C/M bodies do it. So it makes sense to talk about the number of clicks.
Sounds like the screws that lock the focusing ring to the focusing helicoid have come loose. They (the screws) hide under the rubber ring of the focusing ring.

This should not be a big deal to fix, assuming my guess is correct. Still, it is a strange story for a almost-new lens that has recently seen service?

Thank you. That would explain it, I will try.
I just saw the bill for the check, dated April 11 2008!