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350mm f4 FE vs 35056 CFE SUPERACHROMAT


New Member
Hi all,

Did anyone compare optical performances between these two state-of-the-art lenses?

Thanks for your opinions.

I have a Mint 5.6/350 CFE tele superachromat, which was purchased from a private owner, 4 years ago. I did not have an opportunity to compare with F 4. 5.6 CFE's quality is super, results are beyond expectation.

I have the opportunity to buy a F 350mm 4.0 for my 202FA

...and to buy a 135mm 2.0 L Canon for my 450D.

Hesitations for next days !
Why hesitation, get both! :z04_breakdance.gif: :z04_carrot: :z04_breakdance.gif:

If you buy both you can probably negotiate a deal to obtain a camel as part of the package.

The camel, it goes without saying, is required to 'schlepp' all of the kit around.

Do yourself a favor...........get the 350mm f4, I enjoy mine very much!
Large aperture telephoto with very close focus, a very smooth lens!