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250 SA C lens


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This lens made me realise I have about all 250 mm lenses made for Hasselblad cameras.
There is even an ultra rare, as in only one in existence, 250/5.6 silver with T*.

Only ones missing: the beautiful 250/4 lens for early focal plane cameras and the 250/4 for the 2000/200 series.

250 SA 4.jpg

250 Super Achromat C series.

near perfect round aperture of the 250/4 lens
for 1600F and 1000F cameras.


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    250 SA 4.jpg
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Hello Paul,
don't worry, I guess if we have a shoot-out, your SA vs. my beautiful oldie, you might win with respect to resolution/contrast. But I am looking forward to exploring the other characteristics of my ancient Sonnar 4/250.

Gretings, Ulrik
250 SA lenses

Hi Terry,

They certainly are beautiful but to repeat Ulriks words:
" Not much glass inside for all that money"

Gary, Please send me airline tickets and a hotel voucher to your area. I will gladly bring it for you to try!