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200 Series Discontinued


The last few days I have received posts indicating that the 200 Series cameras are being discontinued by Hasselblad. One post suggested a person could purchase a 203 FE for half price. Market prices are composed of Primary market prices (Dealers who purchase new from manufacturer) and Secondary Market (Ebay, Photo dot net, etc). Puzzled about the pricing, I decided to secure the spot quote market price for 200 series Hasselblads, they are as follows:

Latest Street Prices (November 9, 2003) for Hasselblad 200 Series Cameras and Lenses

200 Series Bodies and Kits
Hasselblad - 203FE Camera Body (Chrome) is 3,239.00
Hasselblad - 203FE Medium Format SLR Camera Kit (Chrome, with Waist Level Finder, Split Image focusing screen, 80mm f/1.8 CFE lens, 120 Back) is 6,099.00.

Hasselblad - 40mm f/4 CFE IF Distagon Lens is 4,669.00.
Hasselblad - 50mm f/2.8 FE Distagon Lens is 4,209.00.
Hasselblad - 60-120mm f/4.8 FE Lens is 3,975.00.
Hasselblad - 80mm f/2.8 CFE Lens is 1,860.00.
Hasselblad - 110mm f/2 FE (TCC) Planar T Lens is 3,995.00
Hasselblad - 120mm f/4 CFE Macro-Planar T Lens is 3,060.00
Hasselblad - 180mm f/4 CFE Sonnar T Lens is 3,275.00
Hasselblad - 250mm f/5.6 CFE Sonnar Super Achromat is 5,595.00
Hasselblad - 300mm f/2.8 FE (TCC) Lens is 20,670.00.
Hasselblad - 350mm f/4 FE (TCC) Tele-Tessar T Lens is 8,445.00
Hasselblad - 350mm f/5.6 CFE Tele-Superachromat is 7,275.00.

Hasselblad - E12 Film Magazine 120 (6x6) - Black is 1,044.00
Hasselblad - E12CC Film Magazine 120 (6x6) - Chrome is 1,285.00

Film is like magic, Hasselblad cameras are fun, professional, and serious business. Digital is upon us, but we have many years before 120 film will disappear. Consider it an art form now.
Well, the cameras are still available from Hasselblad, and they certainly aren't inexpensive, nor are the lenses. Not cheap on the used market unless you get lucky on e-bay. High quality always shines through.

I just committed to a 203FE and added a few F lenses to my kit.
I am a pro photographer with 3 MF digital backs, 2 pro level Canons including the 1DsMKII. But I am returning to film for a number of applications.

All I care about are results, and the Hasselblad with film has been dominating those results when it comes time to edit to my best work. Results talk and bullshyt walks, as they say in the US of A.