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120 unusual films


New Member
Could someone advise about where to find Konica Infrared 120 film rolls (B&W). I have not been succesful in France so far, and I don't mind buying from abroad.
Many thanks for your help.

With Konica Minolta stepping out of the photography business, do not expect to find Konica IR film when current stocks run out.

But wasn't the Konica IR film something they made in small batches, once a year only? Something you had to wait for the next batch to be produced when the current bacth sold out (which it did pretty rapidly)?
That might mean you cannot get any anymore. Never again...
>I was just looking around yesterday to see if a film was available and came across an ad for a IR film in 120 made by either Maco or Rollei; I can't remember which. Try Freestyle and J&C. I believe they both had it.