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110 FE vs 120 CFE



I am new to this group. I have a question regarding purchasing a 110 FE as opposed to a 120 CFE. My dilema is due to the fact that Hasselblad is offering a rebate of $1500 if you purchase a 203 fe, e12 back and a 110FE lens. My question is this, Does one lens offer better functionality qualilty for portraits and candid shots as well as macro photography than the other. I know that the FE does not have a shutter built in as well as the ability to open up the lens to f2. But I'm trying to find out if this lens will suit me better than the 120CFE.

Thanks for your advice in advance

> Hi Joseph.This is j=FCrgen from Germany.I have read your question and i understand you very well.Now let me tell you,i am working with hasselblad for about 30 years now and i have a 500c/m a 501C/M a 201F (which is my favorite) and a 203FE as well as a 905SWC. Now i also have a 110FE lens which i use to take portraits and create a unsharp background when aperture is open.Its a fantastic lens and also the 203FE. the difference to the 120 is quite easy to explain.The 120 CFE is good for portraits too (very good indeed) but the great advantage of the 120CFE is actually when you intend to take pictures near or in the MACRO area.Here th= e 110FE can#t compete.So what you should do,is check if you can afford the good set (203FE + 110FE) and eventually buy a 120CFE later.

If you feel that you want to ask more dont hesitate and come back.I will tr= y to answer from my experience. Best regards

J=FCrgen Loob =20
Hi Jürgen,
Thank you for your quick response. I am using a Wisner Tech Field 4x5 w/Schneider 150mm Super Symmar XL lens but wanted something a little quicker for candid shooting. I now feel confident that the Hasselblad 203FE with the FE110 lens will meet my needs. I will get the CFE 120 at another time.

Thanks for your help


P.S. Do you have any images in digital format that showcase the 110FE?
Simple answer for the original question: If you are really serious about macro photography, then the Makro-Planar CFE 4/120 is the ideal lens. You may use it for portraits also, but make sure you add a Zeiss Softar when portraying females or they will question your qualification as a photographer once they see the images.

If macro is not your main work, and you do not insist on central (leaf) shutters, then the Planar 2/110 FE might be the better choice.